Ross-shire Woodfuels

Firewood, woodfuel, pellets and wood chips for your stove or bio-mass boiler

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Ross-shire Woodfuels is a well-established firewood supply company based in Strathpeffer in the Scottish Highlands.


We supply split and cut logs that have less than 25% moisture content; ideal for burning logs efficiently and maximising output.


Order over the phone or online, and we'll deliver direct to your door!

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Verdo Wood Pellets

Get your firewood from Ross-shire Woodfuels “for that warm inside feeling”


We are offical suppliers of Verdo bagged wood pellets. We believe that Vero pellets are the highest quality and best value for money produced in Scotland.

Verdo wood pellets are the first product to be awarded the latest European Standard ENPlus and are ideal for bio-mass pellets boilers and stoves.

We can supply bagged wood pellets by the pallet or by the bag.

  • » Pallet of 96 x 10kg bags: £0
  • » Single 10kg bag: £0

If you're passing by, or live close to, our Strathpeffer warehouse, feel free to drop by to pick up some Verdo pellets yourself, or we can deliver to your door. Please call us to discuss delivery rates.

EN Plus Certifications   Ross-shire Woodfuels are Official Stockists & Suppliers of Verdo Wood Pellets   Forestry Stewardship Council Certified

For more information, please download a copy of Verdo's brochure or flyer (right click and select 'Save as...').

Wood Pellet Specifications

Verdo wood pellets have a low moistire content, burn efficiently and produce a low amount of ash.

Calorific Value 4,800kWhr/tonne
Ash < 0.7%
Moisture < 10%
Diameter 6mm
Average Length ≤ 30 mm
Sulphur < 0.05%
Fines < 1.0%
Mechanical Durability > 97.5%
Bulk Density 650kg/m3


Verdo Wood Pellets in 10kg Bags   Verdo Pellets in Single Bag

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Woodfuel Products

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We can supply you with pre-cut logs, wood chips and pellets.

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